AGS provides business services to companies operating in the wider air movement and air control industries. These business services fill gaps in an organization’s capability, and in so doing provide a mechanism by which business strategy may be realized. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Local business support in the US.
  • Business expansion into the US for those companies that need local representation but do not have a US office.
  • Product localization, to enable a product range originally developed for sale outside the US to be manufactured and sold in the US.
  • Business development, encompassing all aspects of engineering guidance in full alignment with owners’ goals and values
US-Based Business Support

Since its founding in 2014, AGS has supported businesses outside the US that have a need for business support within the US, including:

  • Providing a presence within the US, able to act as a first-line for those wishing to speak with a technical representative in their own country or time-zone.
  • Visiting clients at their premises to assist with resolution of installation and commissioning issues.
  • In person client meetings to identify and define future requirements and preparation of outline specifications.
  • Liaise with business owners or their sales team to facilitate development of new proposals.
  • Development and delivery of CPD (continuing professional development approved hours) technical training for client engineers who may lack experience in fan technology and its application.
Business Expansion into the US

As business becomes increasing global, business owners find themselves progressively supporting customers in geographic areas other than their own.

Should a business owner wish to develop a permanent presence in the US, AGS supports the process of site selection. Once a list of target cities is agreed, AGS connects with commercial real estate brokers in each, and with local government officials to discuss any applicable incentive programs. Typically, a short-list of cities is agreed with the business owner, with one city and one building or developer emerging.

Once the preferred building or developer is agreed, AGS works with the commercial real-estate agent or developer to turn the factory specification into a firm proposal the business owner can action.

Once a proposal is approved, AGS acts as the local liaison with the building owner or developer. Typically, AGS will have a specific focus on the laboratory and the associated AMCA accreditation. AGS has good relationships with US fabricators, and so and can facilitate the production of laboratory equipment.

Product Localization

Any business initiative to establish a presence in the US is invariably required to address the challenge of localizing products developed for 230 Volt / 50 Hz application into a form suitable for 110 V / 60 Hz.

Product localization commences with a review of 50 Hz product performance, and development of necessary design changes needed to facilitate operation of products designed for 50 Hz operation to operate at 60 Hz. Typical conclusions of the review are a need to engage in some development effort to ensure a competitive 60 Hz product range, plus necessary air and sound performance scaling to avoid excessive laboratory testing of the new 60 Hz product range.

Once the 60 Hz product range is defined, a 110 Volt / 60 Hz motor schedule will be developed. AGS is based approximately 25-minutes from the US national headquarters of WEG and so, working collaboratively with WEG, is able to take a 230 Volt / 50 Hz motor schedule and adapt that schedule to 110 V / 60 Hz.

Finally, it is usually not practical to manufacture products overseas and ship them to the US. Typically, the centrifugal fan impeller or axial fan hub and blades are shipped to a local fabricator in the US. AGS has established relationships with local fabricators in the US and, working collaboratively with the local fabricator, is able to support the transformation of non-US manufacturing drawings into US specification drawings. This process includes defining US materials, dimensions and plate thickness, plus necessary design adaptions to accommodate the switch from IEC to NEMA motors. AGS then works with the local fabricator to adapt, build and test standards for use by the local fabricator, ensuring that products are built to the same standard in the US that they would have if built in the overseas factory.

Business Development

Over time, the environment within which a business operates evolves. A result of this evolution is that processes and practices that served a business well in the past become less appropriate to current business challenges.

AGS has partnered with the McCombie Group, a strategic and M&A advisory firm focused on restructuring and transitioning middle-market businesses. Together AGS and McCombie Group offer engineering businesses relevant advice in full alignment with owners’ goals and values. Our multidisciplinary team will listen, offer an unbiased analysis of options, and help implement the best strategy as a trusted, long-term partner to:

  • Improve performance; unbiased objective advice to strengthen financial returns.
  • Seek additional capital; short-term financing and long-term equity capital.
  • Plan for succession; leadership development for successful transition.
  • Acquire a competitor; support at every stage of the transaction.
  • Turn around operations; emergency stabilization and restructuring of companies in financial distress.
  • Exit the business; informed decisions for the future.

Together AGS and McCombie Group bring an entrepreneurial perspective. A focus on long-term partnerships with business owners ensures that action is taken within an agreed framework that builds towards the owner’s goals whilst respecting their values.

The first step in any business development initiative is an initial consultation at which the business owners outline their goals and values. AGS and McCombie Group will then prepare a proposal for initial review, feedback and development.